Antonio Rovaldi

Antonio Rovaldi, born in Parma in 1975, is an artist based between Milan and New York. His research focuses on the themes of landscape and the perception of spaces and distances, and his artistic practice is based on walking and traveling by bike. He works mainly with photography, video, sculptures and drawings. He studied art and photography in Milan, and in New York he was a resident artist at ISCP (2009) and at the Columbia University Italian Academy (2006). In the past two years he has had several solo and group exhibitions. Among his solo shows: MAN Museum in Nuoro (Mi è scesa una nuvola, 2015), Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC (The Opening Day, 2012), Monitor Gallery in Rome (Orizzonte in Italia, 2013), The Goma gallery in Madrid (Domani pensami in battaglia, 2013). In 2015 he published a book on his project Orizzonte in Italia with Humboldt Books and MAN.

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all images © Antonio Rovaldi


The book also features illustrations by:

Leni Sinclair

photographer and former White Panther, who captured the Detroit counterculture of the 60s and 70s.

all images © Leni Sinclair

Bruce Giffin

a renowed street photographer who prefers Detroit streetlights to Florida palms.

all images © Bruce Griffin

Geoff George

a filmmaker who collected over a hundred photos of abandoned banks in Detroit.

all images © Geoff George

Scott Hocking

an artist born and raised in Detroit. He creates site-specific installations in abandoned buildings and photography projects using found materials.

all images © Scott Hocking