Francesca Berardi

Francesca Berardi is a New York-based journalist and fellow at Columbia School of Journalism, where she graduated with an MA in Politics. 

Born in the Italian Motor City (Turin) in 1983, Francesca moved to the US in 2011 with a Master 's degree in contemporary art and a job as a journalist. Her fascination for places in a phase of strong transition arose in the years she spent in Europe right after graduation, when she curated multiple art projects, all focusing on the role of art in postindustrial sites. Among them, an exhibition for the European Biennial Manifesta in Belgium, in a former coal mine city (2012). In New York she has been covering international politics and culture for Italian US media outlets for over six years.
She visited Detroit for the first time in 2013, and started her book project with crowdfunding .


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